Our Style

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Our style of photography draws inspiration from photojournalism, where photos are used in the place of text to tell a story. We are not satisfied by simply "going through the motions" of the wedding or event and only capturing the anticipated elements; we are driven by expecting the unexpected. We wish to create timeless images that reflect you and the uniqueness of your day and that, when perusing an album thirty years from now, will allow you to laugh, cry, and relive authentic emotions. We will photograph the food, your shoes, your grandpa, how the lake looked, your mother's long list of formal photo requests, your uncle's awkward dance moves, and whatever else we can find to tell your story completely.

With traditional wedding photography, the photographer spends too much time posing the guests and asking them to do specific actions in order to fabricate a "perfect shot." To us, this is far from perfect; we look to capture organic moments as they happen and to create a narrative with the photographs that are taken. Candid is king.

We love natural light but have years of experience with flash and light modifiers for the times when ambient light needs a little help. Our cameras are professional quality DSLR cameras and we have a collection of fast prime and zoom lenses for all situations. We thrive under any conditions that mother nature or an overenthusiastic lighting guy may throw our way. The only thing missing from the equation is you. Allow us the privilege of capturing your story.

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