SNAPSHOT: Family Photo Session with Kevin, Alex & M

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We had been trying to nail down a date for this family shoot for quite some time. Between wedding photography in Prince Edward County, newborn shoots and various illnesses, it has been a challenge to get out to Hamilton to snap some stills of this fantastic family. Kevin and I go back to our university days and we just don’t get to see enough of each other like we used to. They welcomed their first kiddo almost a year ago and were hoping to document some of the last few weeks of baby stage before toddlerhood rolls in. Our little one was born right around the same time as M, so I know very well that these days are precious and time moves far too quickly!

The vision was low-key and in and around their neighbourhood. We lucked out with a warm and sunny spring morning, so we headed out to the park. Nearly-one year olds typically nap around 9:30, so time was of the essence! M was in a great mood and full of smiles and fun faces. Noce (No-chay), as the resident canine, joined us for family photos and was happy to be outside with us. Occasionally she had her own agenda in terms of when and where to sit for the camera, but she was generally well behaved and is an important member of the family in her own right.

Parks offer plenty of options for backdrops, from the base of a tree, to open fields with very little to distract the eye, to the classic park bench. Many of the trees in the park had yet to begin budding or flowering, so they did not feature as prominently as they do in other times of the year. We did manage to find some lovely purple flowers growing in the grass and M decided that they looked like a tasty snack!

As naptime approached we headed back to the house and snapped a few candids before M tapped out and headed upstairs. The whole session felt quick, but I was left with an SD card full of lovely moments. Sunny days ahead! I can’t wait for more outdoor family sessions and weddings in PEC.

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