SNAPSHOT: Fall Mini Sessions 2021

Fall Minis Photo Session Prince Edward County

This was my first year shooting fall minis and I honestly had no idea what to expect. My partner had been encouraging me for quite some time to try them out but I had always been hesitant; I’m not sure why exactly, perhaps I wasn’t sure whether I would land clients? Maybe it would be stressful or exhausting trying to cram that many sessions into a short amount of time? Whatever the reason, I decided this was the year that I would dive in and I am so glad that I did.


I spent a ton of time researching locations and exploring what other photographers were offering in terms of the number of photographs, locations and poses. I scoured Instagram and Youtube for inspiration and to decide on how long, how many and how much I should charge. One video that I watched resonated with me and I was able to relieve myself of some of the pressure that I was feeling. They suggested keeping things low-key and to not over-charge. Mini sessions should be about meeting people in your community first and foremost. Because I had decided on shooting over two weekends, one in Toronto at Corktown Common and another in Prince Edward County outside Picton at our new property, it was an opportunity to connect with two different communities and meet families from all sorts of backgrounds. With this mindset, I felt much more at ease with the whole process.

Getting the word out

I used Instagram to help get the word out about these sessions. It was slow at first, but thanks to a few key users who helped spread the word, my Toronto session filled up quickly. The session in Prince Edward County did not fill up as quickly as I had hoped, but thanks to some wonderful (well-connected) clients I was able to meet several other families who took a chance on this newcomer photographer. I was happy with the communication between myself and the families in the weeks leading up to the shoot and while I could see outsourcing the booking process in the future (if I decide to increase the number of spots that I make available), for the time being, a manual update on my website was plenty effective.

Fall Minis Sessions Toronto Corktown Common


Honestly, aside from a slow start to bookings, the only hiccup that I encountered was the weather in Toronto. I had booked many families throughout the day on a Saturday, but on Friday it was very clear that rain was inevitable for the big day. I reached out to families and, while I was willing to shoot in the rain, almost all families were happy to reschedule to Sunday. One family had plans already on Sunday and we were able to squeeze their session into a brief pause in the rain on Saturday.

The Sessions

...were so much fun! In many ways the sessions reminded me of the thrill of photographing weddings - quick thinking, documenting the mayhem and moving efficiently through the session. I loved meeting families with young kids, not only because there is youthful energy, but because I could picture my own kids just a few years older. Many families are nervous about the whole thing and require specific instructions from the photographer, which really is our job anyways. I came to each session with a plan but was quick to pivot if something was not working out. The sessions in PEC were especially important to me as I hope to break into the wedding photography game and the more people that I meet, the more word spreads. It was also lovely to share a bit of our new house and property with them as it’s really quite picturesque in its own right.

Well, that's a wrap for Fall Minis this year! Can't wait for next year - or perhaps some winter minis first?

Fall Minis Sessions Toronto Corktown Common
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