My Top 5 favourite wedding moments to photograph

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Every wedding is unique, which is what makes this gig so exciting. Different seasons, venues and folks always make for fascinating storytelling through photos. Add in traditions old and new and you’ve got a brand new narrative every time.

I have learned to expect the unexpected and I pride myself on delivering to my clients a series of photos that capture the essence and individuality of their day. There are, however, a few predictable moments that most weddings share and I want to highlight my top 5 favourite moments to capture.

1) First reactions to folks in their wedding attire. Even before the couple sees each other, those around them as they are getting ready are often privileged with a first viewing of their child/friend/sibling looking fantastic in their dress or suit. Honestly, sometimes these reactions are better than at the first look or ceremony!

2) Exiting the ceremony. Entrance, vow exchanges, first kiss — they’re all beautiful in their own right and I love photographing all of them. My favourite moment of the ceremony in terms of unpredictability and authenticity is when the couple walks out together as spouses. Sometimes they run through confetti and other times they high-five people as they go. The excitement and joy on their faces (and sometimes relief that being the centre of attention is over!) always results in amazing photos.

3) Cocktails/Games. One of the main reasons that I adore Prince Edward County weddings is the rustic feel and the venues that overlook beautiful farmland, hills and woods. Many couples plan for cocktails and outdoor games in between the ceremony and reception. Often I am off with the couples at this time taking their photos, but I always try to build in a bit of time to document folks catching up over drinks and games. There is just too much fun to be had at this time!

4) Speeches. There’s nothing like hearing from old friends, siblings and parents to evoke embarrassment and belly laughs from the couple and guests. Some of my favourite photos of laughter come from this moment in the evening. Tears are also shed at this time as heartfelt stories are shared. Emotions are on full display and I enjoy capturing each and every one of them.

5) First Dance.While many traditions seem to be falling out of favour (I see you garter belt removal!), the first dance remains a staple at every wedding. Some couples are getting creative these days with timing, as more and more want to do it as they enter for dinner, but it remains a lovely moment of togetherness. And honestly you can’t do it wrong. Whether it’s a slow dance, tango, swing dance or synchronized shuffle, it’s going to look great under soft lighting. Your love is going to glow.

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Planning a wedding in PEC, or anywhere else between Toronto & Ottawa? I would love to hear from you!

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