SNAPSHOT: Maternity photography session in Algonquin Park with Laura and Mel

September 29, 2021

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Something magical always happens when you step into the wilderness. There is an element of anticipation, of not knowing exactly what is coming around the bend. It can be anxiety-inducing, but it is also exciting and beautiful.

Laura and Mel are two super important people in my life and the life of our family. They are chosen family. When they asked me to take some maternity photos of them in Algonquin Park I was obviously excited. I could not think of a better parallel for stepping into parenthood than stepping into nature.

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I had already taken a few photos of them at their new home in the west end of Toronto as a means to celebrate the anticipated arrival of their little one, but also to capture some photos of the early days in their new house. It was fun, informal and allowed for a number of outfit changes, including some Pride specific makeup and clothing. We bundled this session with a little family BBQ in the backyard.

When it came to the maternity photos in Algonquin Park, I knew that I wanted to have it be a little more formal, despite knowing these two for years. We were aware of some sketchy weather headed our way, so we had to choose our time carefully. It had clouded over somewhat, but this created a beautiful moody backdrop and complemented the rustic forest and lake so nicely. We took some photos of Laura and Mel together in matching attire by the water and moved onto the forest trails. The way that these two look at each other warms your heart. They are in their element when they are surrounded by nature and it made capturing their authentic selves so easy.

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The highlight of the session for me was definitely when Laura put on a beautiful lace garment on top of a bathing suit and then entered the calm water. It was serene. She looked like a Goddess emerging from the depths of the lake; it honestly felt like a scene from a movie. We definitely took our time once she was in the water to take a number of photos and I don’t think there was a bad one in the bunch.

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These are two beautiful people and I am so excited to meet their little pine cone when they enter the world in a few short weeks. Based on the way that they love our two kiddos, they are going to shower theirs with so much joy, laughter, calm and spirit.

Did I mention that Laura is also an officiant? Check out Heart Song Ceremonies.

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