Is photojournalistic photography right for your wedding?

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So you’ve typed in something like “Prince Edward County Wedding Photographer” into Google as part of your hunt for a photographer and you wound up with more options than you were hoping for. What’s more, is that photographers are branding themselves as a “natural light wedding photographer,” “documentary-style photographer” or “photojournalistic wedding photographer.” What the heck does it all mean!?

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Explained

Those three styles of photography mentioned above are but a few of many. For your reference, if you see “natural light photographer” being touted, it likely means that they do not use a flash and rely on the ambient lighting that is available to them. As for the other two, documentary and photojournalistic photography effectively mean the same thing: capturing candid moments throughout the wedding day to tell a story. This is what I do and this is what I love.

Photojournalistic wedding photography is certainly “in” right now. It feels as though more and more couples want photographers to expect the unexpected and photograph all of the unique elements of the day. Historically, wedding photographers were expected to pose the couple and guests for photos and to focus their energy on the traditional elements of a wedding day (think bride and father walking down the aisle, first kiss, bouquet toss, cutting the cake, etc.) Many of these traditional aspects are no longer staples on a wedding day as more and more couples strive to insert their individuality and move against the grain (and patriarchy!). I love when couples update wedding norms; but it also takes a skilled photographer to anticipate and ensure that these features are captured authentically.

To give you a better sense of how photojournalism is applied to a wedding day, here are some important moments and how I approach them.

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Getting Ready

This has to be one of my favourite parts of the day for snapping wonderful candid shots. The story of your relationship started many moons ago, but the narrative of your wedding day starts here. The beauty of this time of day is that everybody gets ready differently and the personalities of those in your wedding party really shine. It’s so fun seeing a married couple as individuals, separate from each other; I get to see a glimpse into their past. As such, there is the potential for silly moments and traditions with friends, but also moments of reflection and appreciation for important people in their lives. I love capturing the wedding dress being put on (and that stubborn zipper that just won’t seem to budge), the bride sharing a toast with a glass of champagne (after struggling to get the cork out) or a groom shedding a tear as he reads a letter written to him by his spouse-to-be. There are also last minute scrambles and moments of chaos as the couple grapples with hiccups in the planning. All of these events are what make the day unique and I want to make sure that they are all caught on camera.

The Ceremony

This is why everyone is here together - it’s the main event. I strive to capture all of the action without being noticed. This is where I try to master the art of camouflage so as to not distract from what is unfolding in front of everyone’s eyes: the entrances of the married couple and their wedding party, the sharing of vows and, of course, the kiss. While my attention is no doubt focussed on the two of you, I am also keeping an eye on your siblings and parents and their watery eyes, Nana who is dozing off in her chair and that 3-year-old nephew who is running circles around his chair making fart sounds. You will be so focussed on soaking up those precious moments with each other that you may not even notice what is happening around you. Of course when you receive my photos you will find many, many beautiful shots of you two as a couple, but I also want you to have the opportunity to share a laugh or a tear with your partner when you see the reactions of your guests and what else was happening around you.

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The reception

The reception is a lot of fun for many reasons. It’s often the first time that the married couple gets to connect with many of their guests. There are many hugs, kisses and high fives just waiting to be captured, but there are also beautiful decorations, the food and the venue itself. These are all important elements of the reception and the day as a whole. While photos of people eating are not always flattering, dinnertime conversation often evokes laughter and joy. Similarly, speeches draw out all sorts of emotion from the married couple: real, authentic, raw emotion. When you look at your wedding photos in five, ten, forty years from now, I want you to be able to be brought back to your wedding day and relive those feelings. The dance floor often rounds off the day as people let loose. Good music, good friends and good vibes are on full display and it’s such a thrill for me to experiment with angles and to photograph not only the couple, but all of the other couples, old and young, showing their love and tearing it up.

If you’re keen to have your wedding captured in all of its glory and want to look back and remember all of the unique moments of your day, a photojournalistic approach is likely for you. And if you’re on the hunt for a photographer in PEC, check out my portfolio and drop me a line.

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